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. Tuesday, October 14, 2008
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Thank you for those who have submitted your links. Your Blog address will be appearing in kingofmoneymaking.blogspot.com once being reviewed and approved by me.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please LINK back to me before you will see your Blog Link here. Simply add " KingOfMoneyMaking " with the link " http://kingofmoneymaking.blogspot.com ". Thank You!

kingofmoneymaking.blogspot.com Backlinkers:

These are the blogs that link back to kingofmoneymaking.blogspot.com . Do visit them too if you want.

1. Caring Is Not Only Sharing

Blog Description: "Caring is not only sharing is my blog title. Walking and talking about my experiences and anything that interest me."

2. Solo Cristo puede cambiar tu vida

Blog Description: "Blog en el que encontraras musica gratis para descargar, articulos cristianos, noticias, etc. Visita mi blog, deja tus comentarios y vota, es importante para mi saber como encuentras mi blog."

This Blog Is Currently On Hold For No Backlink.

3. Kikai's Online Diary

Blog Description: "The name says it all. It is my personal life typed and stored online for priceless memories to be treasured and shared with other people. You can see on my blog my travels, the places ive been, the movies ive watch, the music i listen to, the games ive played the LIFE I LIVED and everything that goes a long with it!"

4. Adsense-Success

Blog Description: "Tips on Adsense And Strategy."

5. Wren's artwork

Blog Description: "life is full of art"

6. Real Tor

Blog Description: "this is the blog where u can see wide variety of topics!!"

7. Layanan Promosi

Blog Description: "INDEKSLINK adalah Solusi CEPAT & TEPAT untuk menampilkan website atau Produk dan Jasa anda di INTERNET dengan menggunakan keywords GOOGLE. " Cari tahu dengan Keyboardmu " Dan Pastikan Iklan anda sudah tampil dan terIndeks di GOOGLE. Google adalah salah satu mesin pencari yang handal dan teruji di INTERNET."

This Blog Is Currently On Hold For No Backlink.

8. FuDZ@rts

Blog Description: "Home of Business Opportunity and Advertising"

9. aphotographicmind

Blog Description: "Perspective Of A Photographic Mind"

10. Free Wallpaper

Blog Description: "Free Wallpaper"

11. Arnies Website

Blog Description: "life and living davao.."

12. Direct Links Moviez

Blog Description: "Direct Links For Movies"

13. slumbeRAJA

Blog Description: "Saya Nampak, Saya Tulis, Anda Baca, Anda Komen!"

14. Forex20PIP

Blog Description: "Forex20pip adalah layanan informasi mengenai Analisa Fundamental dan Teknikal dalam melakukan trading mata uang asing/valas sekaligus menyediakan layanan gratis sinyal forex yang diupdate setiap hari."

15. Million Dollar Pages of Knowledge

Blog Description: "This blog aimed for those who is interested in Business, Self Help, Success Stories, Seminar Information, News, Feng Shui, Videos, Bloggings, My Personal Life, Technology, Celebrities, Holiday Trips, How to do, Do It Yourself, Do you know, Make Money Online Etc..."

16. The Law Of Rantaro

Blog Description: "free download software full version"

17. :: my life 4 hire ::

Blog Description: "i blog almost on everything. from my working experiences to other useful tutorial, my own life and my thoughts on issues."

18. Hidup Biar Sedap

Blog Description: "Sebuah kisah hidup yang terlalu panjang untuk diucap ...terlalu indah untuk dibiar tanpa erti. "

19. Download Free Songs

Blog Description: "All ur music..Muat turun lagu melayu anda.."

20. Smaelz83 BloQ - My Life, My Cockpit, My Flight... Enjoy!

Blog Description: "My blog is about discussing my view and technical guides in Entertainment, World Event, Blogosphere, Computer and Personal life."

21. See N Read

Blog Description: "Found an interesting articles and unique pictures here!"

22. Blog to Learn

Blog Description: "Anything to do with learning can be found on this blog, particularly language learning."

23. Thoughts and Obsessions

Blog Description: "This blog came into existence because of a dream I have of going pro. Dreaming of being a problogger and all that, but somehow I could never really find my \"specialized niche\". I have so many interests that I could never really pick one. I think often, daydream and envision a lot. I find something I like, and I obsess over it, hence the title of this blog. In a way, this is actually just really the continuation of my own blog that I deleted long ago, Just Keep Trying by Mys. You can expect my online finds, software, suggested sites, contests, dreams, my personal history and anything and everything I thought about and obsess over."

23. Free mechanical engineering e-book

Blog Description: "All about Information of mechanical engineering e-book. Find out more free mechanical engineering book here. It\'s free!!"

24. d2z, the beginning of nothing

Blog Description: "tech, gadget, personal life, tips and trick, tutorials. etc."

25. In Christ Alone

Blog Description: "it's about my life, day by day in Christ"

26. Daily Life @ Cindy's World

Blog Description: "About everything happened around me."

27. KNizam Artwerk

Blog Description: "all about travel in Malaysia and food\'s galore at malaysia. MCKK and Hockey Team. IT Gadgets and Malaysia\'s Holidays !"

28. Things to Remember

Blog Description: "Remembering Things and Important happening in our life, neighbors and nation"

Insane Reality

Blog Description: "
It's my personal blog, basically it's everything about me, what I wanna say and how I feel. :D"

30. Tyo technology

Blog Description: "phone-computer-antivirus hardware software repair trick and tips all free software download

31. Teh Newz

Blog Description: "You can get all the latest newz and other happenings around the world. Also planning to include other interesting topics in future. (:"

32. Pio Jun Babia

Blog Description: "My personal blog contain things i like and love and anything that interests me..."

Happy Backlinking to all Backlinkers!!


kikai said...

wow! thank you!! :-)
^^hugs ^^hugs
more power to ur site

kingofmoneymaking said...

kikai: Thank you :D

reanaclaire said...

hi king, can u add my description to my blog as submitted? thanks. sorry for inconvenience caused.

kingofmoneymaking said...

I have changed your blog description. Thank you for informing. :)

Mr Lonely said...

I filled your form, what should I do now?

From: http://movie.hadung.net

ArnieV said...

I fill ur form already :)
thank u so much for letting us know more things :)

kingofmoneymaking said...

Mr Lonely, Your blog have been approved and is appearing in this post. Thanks for filling up.

If there's any update, you will be the first to be informed.

kingofmoneymaking said...

Arnies: You're very much welcome! I'm trying to give all of you the tips that i have gain through blogging through my university life.

I hope you all are entertained. Thank You again for the backlinking. hehe.

Kujie said...

Thanks for count me in

kingofmoneymaking said...

Kujie: You're welcome :)

|1f34|-|1r3 said...

thanks for the linkback !

maievshadowsong said...

Thanks for the Link

kingofmoneymaking said...

|1f34|-|1r3,maievshadowsong: Sure buddy! Glad that you all like it!

smaelz said...

I've submitted..

piojunbabia said...

I have submitted!!! thanks...


kingofmoneymaking said...

smaelz: thanks for submitting, your link is in my blog right now. :D

kingofmoneymaking said...

pionjunbabia: welcome. hope the backlinking thingy works.. hehe :)

Tips Blogging said...

i've submited my blog.....thx.

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